We are NDTL

NDTL is a University of Notre Dame and South Bend, Indiana-based research and development organization focused on large-scale, high-energy, high-complexity testing and leading-edge computational and analysis capabilities to develop advanced technologies for conventional and high Mach airbreathing propulsion, energy generation, advanced thermal management, and energy storage solutions.

The key to NDTL’s success is its world-class facilities, highly skilled technical staff, renowned investigators, and motivated students focused on experimental R&D. The NDTL team has expertise in aerodynamics, aeromechanics, structural dynamics, mechanical design, instrumentation, combustion, computational fluid dynamics, acoustics, and tribology. These are all key capabilities required for world-class R&D testing.

Much of the work that NDTL has executed over the past 19 years is developing, maturing, and testing technologies critical to gas turbine engines for aero-propulsion and energy generation. NDTL’s R&D partners include the major gas turbine OEM’s, the Department of Defense (DoD), and the Department of Energy (DoE). Driven by the technology needs of its R&D partners and alignment with its core capabilities, NDTL has recently expanded its R&D focus to the areas of high Mach airbreathing propulsion and advanced thermal management and energy storage solutions. Specifically, NDTL developed a Ram Engine Test capability that was recently used for testing the Hermeus Chimera engine where mode transition of the Turbine-Based Combined Cycle (TBCC) was successfully demonstrated. NDTL in collaboration with FGC Plasma also developed a high Mach combustion cell for the testing of ramjet and scramjet combustion systems. Finally, NDTL has developed a facility for testing supercritical CO2 compressors to support advanced thermal management and energy storage solutions.

NDTL has a successful track record of executing high-energy, high-complexity R&D test programs in collaboration with its partners. NDTL’s capability provides a national resource for government and industry. NDTL also plays an important role in workforce development. NDTL’s advanced degree alumni hold important technical leadership positions throughout government and industry. Additionally, its experiential-based internship program is exposing undergraduate engineering students to exciting challenges and careers in propulsion and power.