NDTL Internship Program

The NDTL Internship Program provides hands-on learning experiences and a chance for students to collaborate with industry partners and global experts in the fields of aerospace and mechanical engineering. The program pairs interns with NDTL staff mentors to work on real-world projects, providing exposure to industry customers and valuable engineering experience. The program allows interns to choose projects that align with their interests, developing their skills and expertise for future job opportunities or graduate studies.

Learning Opportunities

The NDTL Internship Program offers a wide range of learning opportunities and experiences for students, including:

  • Test engineering, data collection, and analysis
  • Instrumentation design, fabrication, and calibration
  • Mechanical design and Computer Aided Design
  • Systems control, computer programming, and electrical engineering
  • Thermal, structural, and vibration analysis
  • Thermodynamics and aerodynamics
  • Computational fluid dynamics


To be eligible for the internship program, applicants must be currently enrolled as an undergraduate in a university and authorized to work in the United States.

Application Period

Applications for our internship program will open on August 1, 2024.

Early acceptance deadline for sponsor-funded internships: 
Sponsor-funded internship offers to go out: 
Offer acceptance deadline: 

Application deadline for program-funded internships: 
Program-funded internship offers to go out: 
Offer acceptance deadline: 

How to Apply

Applicants are asked to complete the internship application below, which includes a professional/faculty reference, a résumé, and a cover letter explaining their interest in the NDTL Internship Program.

Apply here


If you have any questions or concerns about the NDTL Internship Program, please contact ndtl.interns@nd.edu.